Cambodia Trip

In December 2016, my class from Hong Kong Academy and I traveled to Cambodia for our “Learning outside the Classroom ” trip.  My experience traveling to Cambodia can be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Over the course of a week we experienced the Khmer culture of Cambodia by learning some basics of the […]

My First Post

  When I first learned about the GCD blog I was very interested.  It seemed like a good way to record and remember every extracurricular activity that I do.  This blog will help me develop good writing skills and skills of writing to an audience of many people.   When making a blog it is important […]

Welcome to your GCD Blog

What is a GCD blog? author: Mr. Reilly In order to be recognized with the qualifications of the GCD, you will collect and reflect on relevant learning experiences in an online portfolio, your GCD Blog.  When you feel that they you have collected enough learning experiences to be described by an element of the GCD, you […]