Have you ever known someone who has gone through something in their past life that was negative and changed your perspective on them? Do you ever stop and think about they felt when they told you? Do you ever think how they must feel?

I’ve just finished the book that I was reading for my Socratic discussion in my English class, “Ana’s Story”. This book got me thinking about judging people on their past. Ana had a tribulation in her life and she didn’t trust many people to tell her secrets to, accept people she considered family or actually were family. She was afraid that people would judge her by her past and even present if they knew about her devastating sickness that she was born with. No person should have to feel insecure about who they are. They should be able to say to whoever they want, what sickness they have and how it affects their lives.

There was this section in the book where Ana told Yolanda (Her friend’s mom) that she had HIV and her mother hesitated for a while and then the next day, Ana could not live with Yolanda because she was not “Blood-Related”. Yolanda seemed very determined to let Ana live with her and her daughter, but when Ana told her she had HIV, do you think that made Yolanda think twice about letting Ana live with her? Could Yolanda be only thinking about herself and her daughter in this case?


That example I just stated, refers to my title “Don’t judge people on their past, but make their future worth it”. Yolanda could have done a lot more to let Ana live with her but she was so distracted on the thought of “What if I get infected with HIV?” instead of taking the time and looking up the possibilities and actually educate herself. Yolanda judged Ana so quickly and didn’t even take the time to help make Ana’s future more positive and happier.


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