How Ana Rebuilt Her Life

For me, family is like a tower of stones. If a stone is removed, the whole structure will collapse. In my opinion this is what happened in Ana’s Story, as soon as Ana’s mum died the whole family fell down like Jack and Jill. Ana’s dad felt like he could not give his kids the life they deserved, but little did he know he was moving them to unhomely and unwelcoming places. Ana and her little sister, Isabel, moved to their Abuela’s small house. In this home, Ana was physically abused by her Abuela, and sexually abused by her Abuela’s boyfriend, Ernesto. I am sure that this had a vital impact on Ana and Isabel’s future. Unfortunately, whilst living in this house her father also passed away. This left Ana and Isabel alone with these atrocious people and no one to trust. I thought that surely this was as rough as it could get, but after they were moved to her Aunt Sonia’s house, she physically abused Ana for no apparent reason. Subsequently, Ana was moved to a Juvenile Detention Centre, leaving Isabel leading a life of misery with her Aunt Sonia.


Understandably, because of the trauma in Ana’s childhood, she was determined to build a stable family for her own child. When Ana gave birth to her daughter, Beatriz, the father, Berto, was also hospitalized at the same time with HIV. This long term illness meant that Berto was very distanced from Ana and Beatriz through her first few months. Ana decided to break up with him because of his ongoing absence. I think that this was a good choice because it would be better for Beatriz to have a present father. Ana then met Guillermo, who found a stable job and was like a father to Beatriz. It is clear that because Ana created a stable family for Beatriz, life started to look positive for Ana and her daughter.


Growing up Ana’s family was like the pile of stones that fell down because so many family members left her. I respect how Ana built her own stable tower of stones and overcame her unsteady childhood. Here, I realised the importance of a loving, loyal and present family.


Story Stones

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