LOTC – Cambodia

As part of our G10 mandated curriculum, I traveled with the grade to Cambodia to experience the country and it’s history and culture. We jumped around the country, hitting key locations such as Tuol Sleng, a school turned prison turned museum commemorating the genocide that the Khmer Rouge performed years ago. Walking through the museum […]

First Post

This is my first GCD blog post! On this blog I will be documenting my achievements regarding the Global Citizen’s Diploma. I am glad that I can now organize all of my GCD work in one place where I can keep track of all of it. I also think that the blog format helps with a […]

Welcome to your GCD Blog

What is a GCD blog? author: Mr. Reilly In order to be recognized with the qualifications of the GCD, you will collect and reflect on relevant learning experiences in an online portfolio, your GCD Blog.  When you feel that they you have collected enough learning experiences to be described by an element of the GCD, you […]