Would Ernesto ever regret what he had done to the two young children?


‘Ana’s Story’ a book by Jenna Bush with scarring memories that had shaped Ana (the main character) into who she is today. How do you deal with pain? Here is one of Ana’s demons she had to face over her year’s.

If Ernesto didn’t regret what he had done:

Ana was a young girl and she had to face many cracks in her story and her grandmother’s boyfriend was one of them. Ernesto had sexually abused Ana and her little sister Isabel. They had felt powerless, weak and broken. Once they got away Ernesto had no victims nearby. Do you think he would continue to kill children’s spirits or would he take responsibility for what the had done?


If Ernesto didn’t regret what he did could he continue to do this to other children? There would be more children feeling powerless. Not taking action could lead to self-harm, suicide for the kids and still leaving him free.

If Ernesto did regret what he had done:

If Ernesto did regret what the had done, would he hide in fear? Would he run from the law in fear that the girls would spill? Would he confront them and apologize? I guess we’ll never know but I think the may try and disappear. I think this because this man knows what he did and maybe he is scared. Scared of being caught. Scared of the girls confronting him. Leave down in the comments what you think he would have done.

Taking Action:

Here are simple steps to take action if you are being sexually harassed or abused.

  1. Understand what it means to be sexually harassed.
  2. See a doctor immediately.
  3. Know that you’re not alone, seek help.
  4. Tell someone who you trust an that can help you.
  5. Think about telling the police.


These are ways to help your friends or yourself if you are found to be in this position. I think that is a big issue and if girls and boys to know how to take care of themselves then maybe we can reduce from 321,500 to 200,000 people being sexually harassed every year.

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