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  • Cambodia Reflection - May 11, 2017
    Years prior, as a school we were only taking school trips to China, seeing similar things each year, so this year's [...]
  • Cambodia Reflection - May 11, 2017
    In previous years HKA have been running school trips into China, the trip to Cambodia was a much-welcomed change. Prior [...]
  • Cambodia Trip - May 11, 2017
    In December 2016, my class from Hong Kong Academy and I traveled to Cambodia for our "Learning outside the Classro [...]
  • G10 LOTC Cambodia Trip - May 11, 2017
    Near the beginning of December, my class and I traveled to Cambodia, beginning in the capital Phnom Penh. Later we went [...]
  • On My Way to Polyglotism - May 11, 2017
    As of the age of 15, I know English, Mandarin, and Filipino, and I am currently learning German. Knowing English and Man [...]

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