G10 LOTC Cambodia Trip

Near the beginning of December, my class and I traveled to Cambodia, beginning in the capital Phnom Penh. Later we went into Cambodia’s sixth largest city, the urban district of Kampong Cham. We began our journey in Cambodia in the national capital, Phnom Penh. After a day of travel and orientation, we visited two historical […]

First Post: Digital Citizenship

What have I learned about my internet portfolio and Digital Citizenship? What should I keep in mind when blogging? Blogging is a powerful tool to use when wanting to learn about someone’s interests and hobbies. I can use it to post information about myself and leave a more positive digital footprint. Over the past few […]

Welcome to your GCD Blog

What is a GCD blog? author: Mr. Reilly In order to be recognized with the qualifications of the GCD, you will collect and reflect on relevant learning experiences in an online portfolio, your GCD Blog.  When you feel that they you have collected enough learning experiences to be described by an element of the GCD, you […]