When times are tough never give up, keep pushing and things will get better.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”—Robert H. Schuller

I was reading a book called The Diary of Anne Frank. The diary was written by Anne Frank. (She went into hiding during world war II because of her Jewish status.) Whilst I was reading this book I was inspired by her positive and strong attitude. At 13 years old, Anne Frank would have had to have the mindset of a grown adult. Anne was stuck in a very small living space that she called the secret annex. She was stuck in this place for two years and there were 7 other people living there. She wasn’t able to go outside, make any sorts of loud noises or anything that could reveal their hiding location. This would result in her having very limited things to do on a day to day basis. Anne Frank yet found a way to keep herself entertained and keep herself positive by thinking ahead and imagining all the positives that she was going to be able to do when she got out of the Secret Annex. This made me think about how she was always thinking about a better tomorrow, because of this Anne Frank has inspired thousands of people and she is even many peoples hero. In appearance, she was 14 years old, but on the inside, she was something else.

Just to put this into perspective, imagine when you were 14 years old, do you remember getting bored and complaining, or being unhappy because you didn’t like what you had for dinner? Well, Anne Frank had to eat the same foods every night and had nothing really to do apart from write in her diary. Anne Frank knew how hard and how tough the times that she was living in, but she knew that there were people that had it worse than her. So she stayed strong.

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