HKA vs CDNIS: A Comparison of School Size

School’s come in different sizes depending on it’s location and how many students attend it. Today I want look at two different schools CDNIS and HKA to see how they’re size impact the daily lives of students in terms of space and navigation for Secondary Students.

First we’ll look at CDNIS or Canadian International School of Hong Kong which is a relatively large school. It currently hosts 1850 students, it’s located in Aberdeen on the side of a mountain. The School has 2 connecting towers, the Main Building which where the students take their regular courses and have lunch and the LLAC (Leo Lee Arts Centre) where all the Art subjects are held and performances are held. The Main Building is divided into 2 parts similarly to HKA with 14 floors in total, the upper floors (Floor 11-14) are for Primary Students while the lower floors (Floor 6-1) are for Secondary Students. To accommodate such a tall building, there are two lunch areas for primary and secondary so they won’t have to walk very far and you don’t have to wait for the little kids to finish before going down. The bus rides also have less people in them since we have more buses to accommodate more people, however it gets more chaotic in the bus as they’re no rules to enforce good bus behaviour. However due to it’s large size, it’s easy to get lost in this school if you’re not familiar with the various stairwells located throughout the schools.

The CDNIS Campus






HKA or Hong Kong Academy on the other hand is a smaller school located in Sai Kung. It currently hosts 609 students, about 1/3 of the size of the students at CDNIS. It has 4 floors divided into 2 parts, Floor 2-3 is where the Secondary Students have the majority of their classes while Floor 1 is used mainly be the Primary Students. There’s only one lunch area compared to CDNIS due to the smaller school size so the older students usually have to wait for the Primary Students to finish before they can have they’re turn to eat. Since it’s a small school, people usually have no trouble getting around without getting lost since the majority of the classes is located on a singular floor. However, since it’s a small school, the need for bigger or more buses diminishes as a result so the bus rides are usually more cramped but more civil since there are rules in place to dictate good bus behaviour, it’s still noisy but less than the bus rides at CDNIS.

The HKA Campus






Overall, a bigger school is more spacious in relation to bus rides. However, it’s a bit harder to get around due to the large size of the school and the bus rides are more noisy and chaotic. A smaller school has more cramped bus rides, but it’s easier to get around since everything is on one floor and generally the bus rides are less noisy and chaotic.

By Russell Cheng, Grade 11

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