Ask Aunt Gertrude: Makeup

Dear Aunt Gertrude,

I am in 7th grade and all my friends are now starting to wear makeup this year and I’m not sure if I should too or not. What should I do?

– Anonymous

Well, first of all, wearing makeup is a personal choice and no matter who you are, girls and boys should be able to wear it whenever they feel is right. I definitely see where you are coming from, I noticed too that 7th grade is when people begin to experiment with eyelash curler and blush. For me, I began using concealer in 6th and 7th grade to cover blemishes, and in 8th grade I began to use foundations, powders, etc., but there is no correct answer for this question or “age” for makeup. If your friends are wearing it and you want to as well, I recommend starting off by buying inexpensive products from drugstores and using them. If you feel that makeup isn’t something you want to start wearing, but you feel the need to because other people do it, you shouldn’t try to force yourself to wear it. Many people over think the concept of makeup and forget that it is just something to help enhance natural beauty.


Aunt Gertrude.

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