Why Having a School Uniform is a Good Thing

At Hong Kong Academy we wear uniforms. Some people including me like the uniform and don’t mind it, yet others complain about the school uniform, and how they don’t want it. Some people say it’s uncomfortable, others say it’s “ugly” and some people just want to have the freedom of being able to wear their own clothes. I’m gonna tell you a few reasons on why you should appreciate your school uniform.

1. No stress and more sleep.

I don’t know about anyone else but I love and appreciate having 20 minutes of extra sleep in the morning that I would probably be spending trying to figure out what to wear. I already don’t know what to wear on casual dress days which only happen once a month. Image trying to do this everyday. All you have to do in the morning is put on a skirt/shorts and a polo, it’s that simple

2. It’s not as bad as you think.

We are really blessed with the school uniform that we have; it is simple and not that bad looking. Even though it’s a school uniform–standard pants, shirts and a jackets–we have a lot of freedom with it. We can wear whatever shoes and socks we want, and we can choose our own backpacks. We are not banned from wearing jewellery, nail polish, makeup or anything like this. I mean it could be worse.

3. Own fewer clothes 

It’s probably just me but I do not own a lot of clothes. Okay, I own a lot of clothes but only 20% of them are school appropriate. So in my case it’s even hard to find something for one day a month. 

Overall, just appreciate your school uniform. Even if you don’t like it, make the best out of it. And always cherish casual dress days. 

By Sarah Hinterkoerner

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