Top 10 Places to Meet and Hang out After School

By Tarryn Stanhope


  1. Starbucks

With great drinks and lots of seats it’s one of the most popular and best places for HKA students to hang out at.

  1. 7 Eleven

7 Eleven has cheap and tasty snacks but has no seats. It more for meeting up rather then hanging out at.

  1. Bubble Tea Shop

The bubble tea shop has quite cheap drinks and waffles that HKA students love.

  1. Paisanos

Paisanos has a reasonably priced pizza and seating area that HKA students sit in. It is a great place to sit, eat and hang out.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a cheap place to eat and sit in although it can get quite noisy.

  1. Stationary shop

The stationary shop is very popular in HKA as it is cheap and students like looking through the products.

  1. The Concrete Pitch

The concrete pitch is close and is a great place to play, sit down and talk.

  1. The Boat park

The boat park is closer to the school and has many seats to sit down and talk in.

  1. The Square

The square has many places to sit, eat and is extremely popular in HKA.

  1. The Old Town

The Old town has many cheap shops to buy sweets and food at.

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