Ask Aunt Gertrude: Team Sports

Dear Aunt Gertrude,

This year I wanted to try something new at the school, so I decided to try out for a sport, and I tried super hard to make the team, only to be cut. I want to keep playing the sport, but because I’m not on the team, I feel no motivation to keep going. What should I do?

This is always a tricky situation. You may feel that you put in a lot of effort for nothing, and that is no where near true, but in this situation it is 100% okay to feel sad and upset, but only let that be your motivation to keep going. Being cut from a team doesn’t define you or your athletic ability. What really defines who you are as a person is what kind of attitude you have towards this situation. You can either give up and stop playing the sport, or you can keep training. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t on the “team”, if you feel this is really something you want to succeed in, you can keep trying in this. Even if it means going to dribble a basketball or bump a volleyball on your own time, so be it. If you keep trying at this sport, by next year when tryouts come around, you will know for sure you will be able to make the team. Never stop trying at something you are passionate about.

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