BØRNS Album Review

BØRNS – Dopamine 

About the Artist and Album

Known as BØRNS, Garret Borns, started early in his music career. Originally going by the name ‘ Garret the Great’, he would perform in TEDX events with a variety of music. Now his music is categorised as indie pop. In 2014, he released his album Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, also known as a chemical that makes you feel happy/pleasure. Borns has a feminine-like voice, meaning he can reach those high notes quite easily. Combined with his creative lyrics, it’s a wonder he isn’t more famous. 



Track 1

 10,000 Emerald Pools: The first track on the album, Borns says that he had this idea about writing a song about the process of falling in love. It’s a slow song with a simple melody and chorus, good for a bike ride or a nice drive. 

Rating: 3.5/5 stars 

 Lyric Extract: I’ll dive in deeper, deeper for you. Down to the bottom, 10,000 emerald pools. Down to the Bottom, 10,000 emerald pools. 


Track 2

Dug My Heart: Yet another ballad about how breaking up is inevitable. “ The scary thing is that you either get married or break up.” Another slow song with a steady bass and sorrowful lyrics. It has a very catching chorus that’s hard to stop listening to. 

Rating: 5/5

Lyric Extract: It’s inevitable, ain’t it? You left without saying. I hope the cracks in the pavement lead back you, baby. 


Track 3

Electric Love:  This upbeat track is his most popular song on the album. With a fun tune throughout that really gives meaning to the album title Dopamine. According to the artist himself, the song is so poetic because of his love for it. He catalogs phrases he likes and adds them to his song, which is probably why he is credited for creative lyrics. I recommend this song as the first song to listen to if you want to listen to Borns.


It will give you a good idea what the rest of his music is like.  

Rating: 5/5 stars 

Lyric Extract: Baby you’re like lighting in a bottle. I can’t let you go now that I got it. All I need is to be struck by your electric love. 


Track 4

American Money: This song is a continuation of the running ‘epic love adventure’ theme in his songs. Comparing love and paradise to money, as they are both green. After listening to the tracks before, this song doesn’t compare to them. Using the usual synths and rich guitars, it makes for good house music. 

Rating: 2.5/5 stars 

Lyric Extract: And we can run away. Swimming in sunlight everyday. Paradise in your eyes, green like American money. 


Track 5

The Emotion: A refreshing change from the usual epic love ballads. This time, Borns talks about letting go, and the feelings you go through, whether it is happiness, love, anger. This raises the album name Dopamine again, as it gives you the emotion of happiness. With this song, fans expressed why they liked this song.  

Rating: 3.5/5

Lyric Extract: Drive through all the timezones. Escape out of my mind, love. I lose you not long ago; heaven knows I’m miserable. Hell takes all the credit, thought, till the day is done. 


Track 6

Holy Ghost: This song describes wanting to be with someone so much that you become so consumed it’s almost like a religion, hence the biblical term. This song uses mostly vocal synthesising with a lot of high pitches. It’s fast and upbeat, like one would feel at the beginning of a relationship. 

Rating: 3/5 

Lyric Extract: Cause baby, you’re my holy ghost. And I need you close, come back to me. 


Track 7

Past Lives: This song is about falling in love when you least expect it. It starts  off slow with choir-like voices. Suddenly, the beat speeds up, like a heart beat. The lyrics state that when people are meant to be, they will find each other in ‘different lives.’ This is a really fun song to listen to, with a catchy tune the more you listen to it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Lyric Extract: Past lives couldn’t ever hold me down. Lost love is sweeter when found. I’ve got the strangest feeling this isn’t our first time around. 


Track 8

Clouds: This song is about someone who has a really bad crush. They can’t stop thinking that person and it’s slowly consuming their lives. It talks about how they will wait for that person forever. This person really has their heads in the clouds. It’s really slow song, and the perfect example of a type of song that would be played at prom. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Lyric Extract: I forget all of my dreams. I forget everyone’s name I meet. I forget time and space. But I can’t stop thinking bout’ your face. I can’t stop thinking bout’ your face. 


Track 9

Dopamine: As the album itself was named after this song, my expectations were set pretty high. It’s a fast, party song, but with more poetic lyrics, but still has that repetitive sound that those songs have, so it’s easier to remember. As dopamine is supposed to release a good feeling, this would be great to listen to if you’re feeling down. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

Lyric Extract: I mixed up so terribly. You body language talking over me. And it might not be logical, but baby my mind just won’t let you leave. 


Track 10

Overnight Sensation: A simple song about staying up all night and realising everything you love about someone. It has a fun drum beat and electric keyboard. It’s almost a soothing song that’s nice to listen to on a long drive or, if you’re like me, waiting in line. 

Rating: 3/5

Lyric Extract: Immaculate creation. Overnight sensation. God, you really outdid yourself with this one. She’s an overnight sensation.


Track 11

 Fool: This song is my least favourite track on this album, but it’s not bad. I can definitely see the appeal as it can be a cool sing-a-long. It is very repetitive, but as usual, creative lyrics. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Lyric Extract: All kinds of crazy you’re making me. I can’t keep my mind off you. Got me losing my cool, got me acting like a fool. 


Overall Album Review

BØRNS is one of my favourite artists and his music is addicting to listen to. He is a very underrated artist whom I greatly appreciate, as his songs always have me hitting ‘repeat.’ 



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