HKA Hosts Public Speaking Competition

On the 29th of April, 5 students from HKA went to school on a Saturday. The 5 students have been training for weeks preparing for the event. The event included 3 different aspects of public speaking: interpretive reading, persuasive speaking and impromptu speaking. Each aspect was judged by a specialist at public speaking. The students involved in the competition described it as “a new experience” and stated that it was “not anything like debating, but was really fun to take part in.” The students involved in the competition representing HKA were: Matilda Nulf, Grace Huang, Dilip Devadass and myself. The competition was won by 3 students by the opposing school, but an HKA student came 8th in Impromptu speaking. Sadly HKA did not make it to top 10 but the other 4 students involved said they were glad to take part in such an event.

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