Meet the Authors

Sarah Hinterkoerner

My name is Sarah Hinterkoerner. I’m a 14-year-old girl and currently in 9th Grade at Hong Kong Academy. I was born in London, but both of my parents are Austrian. I moved to Austria a year after I was born and lived there till my 6th birthday. I’ve lived in Hong Kong ever since, so this is my 9th year here. I started school here in Hong Kong and before HKA I went to GSIS which is the German-Swiss international school. I went there for 5 years before I started 6th Grade here at Hong Kong Academy. German is my first language, English is my second which I am both fluent at. I am currently learning Mandarin which I take in school, and have been learning for about 6 years now. I really like writing, especially about things that I enjoy, that’s why I really like the student voices blog because you can write about anything that you are interested in and share it with everyone.

Kate Mehta

Born and raised in the states to Canadian parents, moving to Hong Kong this year is still something I am in disbelief of. After living in California for 12 years , moving somewhere new as a teenager was something I was surprisingly okay with and even excited for. Hong Kong is a lot different than San Diego, but I’m loving the opportunities I have here. I enjoy hiking, which is perfect for someone living in Hong Kong. I also enjoy watching movies and I am very interested in film.

Tarryn Stanhope

My name is Tarryn Stanhope and I am in grade 6. I love playing rugby and drawing although I’m terrible at it, I Also like to write stories and play games. My favorite place to be and to go to is most likely to be New Zealand. My family owns a house there that I go to every break. My grandparents all live in Wales and Australia, the two places I’m from.

Bianca De Leon

Hello! I’m Bianca De Leon and I am currently in 10th grade. HKA has housed me for 5 years now and I’m glad they haven’t kicked me out yet. Some of my hobbies included involving myself in more school committees than I can remember, playing sports, and seeing how many TV show seasons I can watch in one night.  For my Personal Project I created a website called “Humans of Hong Kong Academy” and I’m extremely lucky to have it featured on Student Voices. Make sure to check it out along with all of the other great content on Student Voices !

Sophia Chan

My name is Sophia. I’m 14 years old and I was born in Canada on July 3rd. I am Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, and have been living in Hong Kong for almost 4 years. My main interests are in the arts, mainly music as I am studying for my Diploma in piano. I joined Student Voices because I like writing and sharing my opinions, as well as listening to other people’s.

Maya Goren

Hello, I’m Maya, 14 years old born and raised in… uhm…the world. I was born in America, lived in Australia, Israel, Singapore, and currently Hong Kong. I love dancing, and acting has been my hobby for quite a while too, I hope that one day I will become an actor! I also enjoy designing clothes and writing stories, although they never seem to have endings…

Russell Cheng

My name is Russell Cheng. I am one of the writers for Student Voices. I usually like to write novels whenever I have time. When I’m not writing novels, I’m playing games on my computer.

Anoushka Kuswaha

Hi Everyone! My name is Anoushka Kuswaha. I am a Grade 9 student at HKA and a writer/ photojournalist for Student Voices. My hobbies include reading, watching movies and photography.