Hope is something that everyone longs for, whether it is with family or on a test. It is something that everyone wants on their side. With hope on their side, people believe that they can do anything and nothing will stand in there the way to their success. In the novel “A Long Way Gone” Ishmael Beah is the main protagonist. He explains, in the first person, the tragic life events it took him to go from front lines in war, to free town and what risks he had to take in order to get to his freedom from the war. The book is set in the middle of the Sierra Leone war, in 1991. Ishmael never stopped hoping the war would end soon and he could return home to any of his friends that survived.


Could you imagine walking on a hot and humid day, in the buggy dense forest knowing that you are lost with nothing but a sword and a sliver of hope on your side? I can easily imagine this situation in my life. On a test, when the time enters a ¼ speed zone, and you are stuck on a question for 20 minutes and all you have one your side is pure luck and hope to guess the correct answer. Hope could decide whether you get a 5 or a 7 in that context. Ishmael never loses hope throughout the whole book, even though countless times, he has faced life and death situations, and has chosen to stick with it. One of the more severe situations that Ishmael faced was when his brother died during a raid. He could not stop and tend to his brother, but he had to watch him bleed out on the battlefield. But that did not stop him from completing his quest for freedom.



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