Pain is temporary, quitting is forever

In english class, i’ve been reading the book Revolution is not a dinner party by Ying  Chang. The book is about a 9 year old girl who went the Chinese Revolution in 1976. Her father, best friend and more people have gotten taken away by the redguards. Ling the name of the Girl only had her mother left. There was one point in the book where she almost gave up. Ling had a lot of pain during these times.


“Pain is Temporary, Quitting is forever” -Toby Foley

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In my own experience, this quote is so true. During SCISAC soccer we were in the finals, our team was 1:0 down and I just felt the pain in my body. But I didn’t give up and I wouldn’t. I had more pain than ever, pushing it to my limits feeling the pain in my whole body, I wasn’t thinking of quitting. To me, this is the first time I experienced how it felt to have pain but not to give up. I want to let you know that if you quit your out of the game.



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